FARMARO, Main Actors in the Food Chain

Our Food Chain encompasses individuals and businesses involved in the agricultural production, processing, storage, trading, distribution and consumption while Adding Value and Sustainability

Welcome to Farmaro Uganda

Where Agro-Produce Meets Quality, Value addition to Create Impact throughout the supply chain

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Sourced to Add Value

To Create Impact, Change Lives with Sustainable Development

Primary Producers

Stage I of the food chain is the primary production of crops and animals from agriculture; and fishing or harvesting of seafood from the wild fisheries or aquaculture...

Process and Packaging

Stage II, Farmaro prepares raw ingredients, preserve or change it into something new and fit for human consumption

Waste Streams

Stage III, We derive a value. It is increasingly used as an alternative product stream to enhance the efficiency and profit of our production system

Supply And Distribution

Stage IV, we transport food safely across our advanced networks and infrastructure from one node in the food system to another.


Stage V, Consumers mark the end of the agri-food chain. They influence the agri-food chain through their buying choices based on food availability…