About Us

FARMARO is an Agro Produce Supplier and General Merchandise company, incorporated in Uganda the year 2016. It was set up with a commitment to provide world-class solutions and supplies of Foodstuffs and General merchandise to both the private and public Institutions.

We are Farmaro Agro processing specialty offer a range of Agro produce grouped into; foods, fibers, fuels, and raw materials selection and processed to add value with exceptional service. We are a global network of specialty Agro professionals who strive to work with the communities we operate in.

Our Approach: We strive to find the right produce for any quantity with quality right on budget. We bring three core approaches to everything we do:

  • Networking – We build sustainable supply chains that meet the needs of consumers and producers.
  • Focused Quality – We believe technology enhanced with finance can push the sector forward.
  • Shared value – We drive efficiency and equity across our supply chain
  • We are Multiregional We source from regional network of local producers with different euthenics. This is why we are able to provide you with the product, the service, the value that we are known for. To be a great regional company you have to initiate from small house holds. We take local connections as our core.